The All-Ages, Laugh-Out-Loud Series is Back!

“…some comics are so cool that they deserve to be singled out.”~ Diamond Comics Distributors

Once distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors and stamped with their seal of approval CERTIFIED COOL, The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN™ is now going to be offered direct to comic book fans via the crowdfunding site IndieGogo.

The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN™ is a silly and fun, all-ages comic book series that tells the story of the next arrogant, not-so-bright superhero trying desperately to fill the void left behind by the Legendary Capt. BUCK NEKID (ret.)™. Cruising into crime-fighting on his high powered “big wheel,” this bumbling, buffoon of a branch, along with his enigmatic extraterrestrial sidekick AL, will somehow prove himself worthy of the global adulation, he believes, he so richly deserves.

Filled with pop-culture references and a color palette reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon, STYKMAN has somehow managed to stumble his way into saving the day time and time again. Through bungled crime scenes, botched rescue attempts, and sheer dumb luck, our hero wannabe equipped with his Uranium Enriched R-34 Spin-jibber, has unwittingly defeated Crazed Confectioners, three-headed poodles, demonic hordes, exploding toilets, and pigeons; He even helped stave off the end of the world by “participating” in a no-holds-barred competition of valor and vindication – Dodge Ball!

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"A bizarre, little comedy. A superhero comic book that works." ~ Comic Buyer's Guide

“…a fun-filled adventure that young and old will enjoy.” ~ Sequential Tart

"A breath of fresh, silly air that's sorely needed in a time dominated by crises, decimations, and civil wars." ~ Broken Frontier

"It’s silly and fun without ever becoming ridiculous and stupid, and that’s a big accomplishment for this kind of book." ~ Comic World News

"If humor is the measure, STYKMAN does indeed live up to the earlier tradition and recalls The Tick, Ambush Bug, Groo the Wanderer & more..." ~ Silver Bullet (4 out of 5 Bullets)

"A sharp mix of The Tick and The Pink Panther... These over the top superheroics provide the perfect solution for anybody getting a little too much angst out of the mainstream." ~ Wizard Entertainment

But What Do Comic Book Readers Think?

The Following Quotes are taken from letters received from fans of the comic series and originally appeared in The STYKS & STONES Letters Section in past Issues of STYKMAN. Emphasis added.

"STYKMAN is AWESOME!!!! Everything about it– the characters, story, and great ART... I LOVE IT!!!!!! You now have another faithful reader. I will buy every one!" ~ Johnny B., Texas

"I laughed out loud as I read STYKMAN. I love the subtle pop-culture references (Living at the corner of Chutes & Ladders streets... I died right there.)." ~ Charles C., California

"I've never written fan mail before, but I picked up STYKMAN today, and I gotta' tell you, I loved it 100%. It's so unserious and makes me laugh and is just totally awesome. I love the narration. I just wanted to let you know that I'm definitely picking the next one up and you should keep doing what you're doing." ~ Rami M.

"I just had to E-Mail you, in regards to your comic, STYKMAN. It's really just a brilliant read, with a fluid storyline and stellar art. I dig your style and love your imagination... [STYKMAN] has so much promise, being a completely fascinating and hilarious character. There is so much to tap in to, I'm sure, so keep the goods coming." ~ Kevin B, Philadelphia

The Next Miscellaneous Adventure

In a new and expanded 48 page story, STYKMAN has been captured by the villainous General Sod the Dirt Clod™ in an attempt to exact revenge on any “hero” attempting to claim the mantle of the legendary Capt. Buck Nekid (ret.).

It will take every zany thought and incredibly stupid scheme for our emaciated egotist to escape the evil clutches of this Crazed and Crumbling Curmudgeon. Will our hero escape? Will General Sod exact his revenge? Will AL and Uncle Dicky finish their game of Skiddly Piddly? Only you can help answer those questions.

This next chapter in the life of everyone's favorite buffoon of a branch will be available exclusively through Indiegogo.

STYKMAN on IdieGogo

The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN™ will not be available in Comic Book Stores. The campaign will be the only opportunity for customers to purchase a copy.

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The Miscellaneous Adventures fo STYKMAN Issue 1 pages 6 & 7
STYKMAN Issue 1 page 26
The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN Issue 2 page 1

Quotes from Series Creator & Artist Jonnie Allan

“The comic book industry has grown a little dark, and rather uninspired as of late; there are very few comics out there that are accessible and enjoyable to both kids and adults alike. My goal in bringing this character back out is to inject a little levity into their lives and back into the world of escapism that I, and so many others love.”

“Everybody has that one friend who thinks he/she is really good at something when they’re really not. That’s STYKMAN. His heart is in the right place, he’s just really terrible at accomplishing what he has set out to do. Thank goodness for AL.”

“I wanted to capture the vibe of the old Saturday morning cartoons– the Looney Tunes in particular. The kids enjoyed the cartoons not really getting all of the jokes that were clearly aimed at adults. That dash of adult humor makes watching the shows now with your own kids even more enjoyable as you say to yourself, ‘Oh, now I get it.’ “

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