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After 10 long years, The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN™ is back in all of his bumbling buffoonary! The laugh-out-loud, all-ages comic book series that made the comic book world bust a gut is returning in an All New Miscellaneous Adventure.

The IndieGogo Campaign Launch will be live in:

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What The CRITICS Have Said...

"A bizarre, little comedy. A superhero comic book that works." ~ Comic Buyer's Guide
"A breath of fresh, silly air that's sorely needed in a time dominated by crises, decimations, and civil wars." ~ Broken Frontier
"A sharp mix of The Tick and The Pink Panther... These over the top superheroics provide the perfect solution for anybody getting a little too much angst out of the mainstream." ~ Wizard Entertainment

What The FANS Have Said...

"STYKMAN is AWESOME!!!! Everything about it– the characters, story, and great ART... I LOVE IT!!!!!! You now have another faithful reader. I will buy every one!" ~ Johnny B., Texas
"I laughed out loud as I read STYKMAN. I love the subtle pop-culture references (Living at the corner of Chutes & Ladders streets... I died right there.)." ~ Charles C., California
"I've never written fan mail before, but I picked up STYKMAN today, and I gotta' tell you, I loved it 100%. It's so unserious and makes me laugh and is just totally awesome. I love the narration. I just wanted to let you know that I'm definitely picking the next one up and you should keep doing what you're doing." ~ Rami M.
"I just had to E-Mail you, in regards to your comic, STYKMAN. It's really just a brilliant read, with a fluid storyline and stellar art. I dig your style and love your imagination... [STYKMAN] has so much promise, being a completely fascinating and hilarious character. There is so much to tap in to, I'm sure, so keep the goods coming." ~ Kevin B, Philadelphia
"Blah, Blah, Blah..." ~ Your Name Here! (wink, wink!)
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