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Storyline, Characters & More

The Story

In the Tradition of The Tick,
In Honor of Hong Kong Fui,
In memory of Maxwell smart...

Comes the next in line of the arrogant, not-so-bright Super-Egos!

The Miscellaneous Adventures of STYKMAN™ is the witty depiction of the hilarious exploits of a fledgling, not-so-bright hero trying desperately to follow in the footsteps of the Legendary Capt. BUCK NEKID (ret.). Since his untimely retirement, a void has been felt around the world with no one to look after our safety. It is up to STYKMAN (so he thinks) to fill that void.

Cruising into crime-fighting on his high powered “big wheel,” this bumbling, buffoon of a branch, along with his enigmatic extraterrestrial sidekick AL, will somehow

prove himself worthy of the global adulation, he believes, he so richly deserves. Through bungled crime scenes, botched rescue attempts, and sheer dumb luck, out hero wannabe shall one day prove himself worthy of the global adulation he believes he so richly deserves.

Filled with pop-culture references and a color palette reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon, STYKMAN somehow manages to stumble his way into saving the day time and time again. Equipped with his Uranium Enriched R-34 Spin-jibber, has unwittingly defeated Crazed Confectioners, three-headed poodles, demonic hordes, exploding toilets, and even helped stave off the end of the world by “participating” in a no-holds-barred competition of valor and vindication...
Dodge Ball!

Meet Our Heroes


A brash, impulsive and eccentric bumbling, buffoon of a branch with just a pinch of haughtiness. Although his heart is in the right place, and his want to do the right thing is commendable, his attempt at heroism is not.

Thanks mostly to the tireless efforts of his enigmatic sidekick AL, STYKMAN charges in head-first bringing the fight to those who deserve– and sometimes to those who don’t. Given enough time, our hero shall prove the nay-sayers wrong and will one day be added to the Hall of Champions alongside his idol and role model the Legendary Capt. BUCK NEKID (ret.)™.

If he doesn’t destroy the hall in the process.


An enigmatic extraterrestrial with a heart of gold and an eclectic resume. Everybody loves AL.

After crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico, AL went to work with the United States Government performing various covert and clandestine operations, including the simple task of helping us reach the moon.

After withdrawing his bid for the Presidency – due to the 14th Amendment – Al went on to hold many diverse fields of employment from technical advisor on multiple blockbuster Sci-Fi movies to short order cook and professional surfer.

Due to his proclivities to excel in the sciences, homemaking, and diplomacy, AL continues to provide the weapons, vehicles, shoulder to cry on and bail money necessary to keep STYKMAN in the fight.

The Legendary Capt.
BUCK NEKID (ret.)™

Every generation has a legend. Every legend, a hero. A warrior that stands head and shoulder above all. An exemplary figure that shines brighter than all those before. A figure so imposing, a warrior so fantastic, a man so majestic that when he steps down the world shudders and thinks, “What now?“

BUCK NEKID was such a champion. Those who knew only mischief and mayhem would tremble with fear whenever authorities would cry, Let’s get Nekid!

The world watched in disbelief after the fearsome battle between Buck Nekid and General Sod the Dirt Clod™ when this valiant warrior stepped down from active duty leaving behind a void felt around the world.


2nd in Command, Chief Enforcer, &
Employee of the Month.

Dr. Wee Doo

Former Military Strategist, Linguist, & Proprietor of
Wee Doo Drugs!

Mr. Squishy

Munitions expert, Espionage, & Supplier of all things Ice Cream & Weaponry.


The Archangel and Captain of the The Heavenly Host

Meet The Villains

General SOD
The Dirt Clod™

Time, pressure, and a grossly mishandled batch of radioactive fertilizer byproduct, also know as phosphogypsum sludge, resulted in the birth of the crumbling curmudgeon GENERAL SOD The Dirt Clod™.

Quickly ascending to the top of the criminal underworld, SOD was personally responsible for The Oh-fensive Offensive in an attempt to rule this Third Rock. This seemingly unmovable mound was finally laid down by The Legendary Capt. BUCK NEKID (ret.)™.

Hardened by failure, this crusty creation’s anger has been forged into a rock solid hatred for all wannabe warriors. Especially that bubbling buffoon of a branch, STYKMAN. Although SOD looks upon Capt/ BUCK NEKID’s retirement as cowardice, his view of STYKMAN is even lower.

The Jolly Roger

As head of The Jolly Roger Candy Corporation™, corporate espionage is nothing new for this vertically challenged, charismatic scallywag.

Ever encompassed by his entourage of lawyers and a bevy of beautiful “Wenches,” along with his #2 man HANDSOME DAN, finds himself locked in a never-ending struggle to secure the ever illusive Ancient Aztec Recipe for the Gumdrop™. Thanks in part to the bumbling buffoon STYKMAN, he has continually fallen short (No pun intended).

Through clever legal maneuvering, the authorities have been unable to stop the nefarious schemes of this candy-coated cretin.

Although when it comes right down to it, are they really trying that hard. After all, he does make good candy.

Handsome Dan

Once a respected astrophysicist, top in his field, and considered one of the most brilliant men on the planet, Handsome Dan™ found himself slowly discontent with what life had to offer him.; the lure of money and fame was too great.

Having been discovered to be one of the masterminds behind The Oh-fensive Offensive, Handsome Dan quickly found himself on the wrong side of the equation. Known to throw himself both body and mind into his work, Dan has become one of the most celebrated hoodlums in all of history.

Seizing the opportunity to exploit his vast intellect, monstrous physique, and celebrity status, The Jolly Roger approached Dan with an offer to become the spokesperson, bodyguard, and chief engineer for his famed Jolly Roger Candy Corporation™.

The Comics So Far...

Issue #1

Full Color - 28 Pages

The Jolly Roger, head of The Jolly Roger Candy Corporation™ has attempted to steal the Ancient Aztec Recipe for The Gum Drop... again! A good man is needed. Unfortunately, STYKMAN answered the call and it's up to him, So he thinks, to save the day. Riding into the fray on his suped-up "Big Wheel" and equipped with his Uranium Enriched R34 Spinjibber, STYKMAN will use every "skill" he has to stop the crazed confectioner.

Issue #2

Full Color - 32 Pages

An URGENT Message has been sent to our hero from an apparent Damsel in Distress. The Sinister Seductress Lucy Furr bewitches STYKMAN into helping her retrieve a very rare and precious item that has been kept from her for a really long time.

What could go wrong?

Issue #3

Full Color - 36 Pages

Well that was dumb! The fate of the world hangs in the balance thanks to the "heroic" deeds of our beloved buffoon. An act so egregious it has caught the attention of Michael the Archangel. It will take the combined might of AL, Mister Squishy, and all the Hosts of Heaven to right the wrong and undo what has been undone. Will they succeed? It's possible...

So long as STYKMAN stays out of the way!

Issue #4

Full Color - 32 Pages
Stick In The Mud!

Our last issue ended with a KLANG!. STYKMAN awakens to find himself in the clutches of the nefarious General SOD the Dirt Clod!